Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Maintain Your Georg Jensen Christmas Decorations!

Georg Jensen Christmas decorations have been popular for many years and can be found in many homes. - We buy and sell new and old Georg Jensen Christmas decorations like Christmas mobiles, Candleholders and ornaments etc. When we buy it, we look it over and have made some both good and bad experiences.
Here we will give a very short introduction to what is important to maintain your Georg Jensen Christmas decoration in good condition!

 Georg Jensen Christmas decorations

You can find a more through information about maintaining your Christmas decoraitons on our homepage:

How to maintain your Georg Jensen Christmas decorations

Most important is that you must NEVER polish your Georg Jensen Christmas decorations! Georg Jensen Christmas decorations are gilded and if you polish it, you destroy the gilded surface.

What you can do is to wash it, so that grease that have covered the surface is washed away.

It is not just the Christmas decorations themselves that should be maintained! The boxes and ribbons should also be kept in order. You can iron the ribbons to keep them tidy. See more about this on our homepage.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Did you break a plate last Christmas...? Replace it now!

In connection with Christmas and New Year we make an effort to set a pretty table. There are many traditions connected to setting the table at Christmas. - Some are creative and set a beautiful Christmas table each year... I have considered this... But! We have this plastic train with Santa Claus in the first carriage that have been part of the Christmas table since our daughters were little and they are of the opinion that it MUST be at the center of the table with the small plastic elves. - Maybe I will take a picture for Christmas and send it to you... Then you can see how pretty it looks!

Can you set the table for ALL guests?

Much happens during the year. Maybe you are lucky and have had grand children, Children-in-law etc. - Others might have been unlucky and have broken the large dish for the turkey, the sauciere or a plates. Everything aside it might be a good idea to give it a thought, before the table is to be set.
Setting the table with plates

We primarily trade in blue painted tableware

There are unimaginable many different dinner services, especially if you count the ones from abroad. We only trade in the most common Danish services:
Royal Copenhagen Blue FlowerBlue FlutedTranquebarThe Blue Christmas Service and then we have some other services like Gisselfeld and a number huge amounts of decorative plates of which many can be used as dinner plates as well.
Royal Copenhagen Christmas Service
1979 Royal Copenhagen Christmas Cup, Choosing the Christmas Tree, 7cm x 15cm
Before: 27.07 EUR
Now: 13.4 EUR
See more
1980 Royal Copenhagen Christmas Cup, Bringing Home the Christmas Tree, 7cm
Before: 27.07 EUR
Now: 13.4 EUR
See more
1981 Royal Copenhagen Christmas Cup, Admiring the Christmas Tree , 7cm
Before: 27.07 EUR
Now: 13.4 EUR
See more
2018 Royal Copenhagen Christmas Cup, Christmas Tree Market, 7cm
Price: 87.84 EUR
See more
1908-1983 Jubilee plate Royal Copenhagen/Cake Dish, Mary and Baby Jesus, 24cm
Before: 59.55 EUR
Now: 33.7 EUR
See more
Centerpiece Royal Copenhagen Christmas cup, 35cm x 24cm
Price: 94.06 EUR
See more
Royal Copenhagen 6 pcs. of Flat Plate 27cm, (set of 6 pcs.) , 27cm
Price: 270 EUR
See more
Broager dinnerware 58 pieces, Royal Copenhagen,
Before: 812.04 EUR
Now: 676.02 EUR
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Royal Copenhagen mocca cups, set of 6. pcs. different,
Price: 161.73 EUR
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Blue Flower - See the many good offers

We have been lucky to find much Blue Flower service lately, so below you will find examples of the many good offers. - Click here to see all our Blue Flower.
Blue Flower Service

Christmas Rose - My favorite Service!

My favorite dinner service is Christmas Rose. When I was a teenager (and it is not that long ago...), we had an old Christmas Rose cup in the warehouse of DPH. I thought that it was so beautiful and when I had to decide on a dinner serivice, it was natural to choose Christmas Rose. - When the kids were small, we only used it, when we had guests, but now we enjoy it everyday.
Christmas Rose - Many great offers!

Seagull - It is popular once again

There are numerous pieces of the Seagull Service.

See our entire selection of the seagull service here!

Seagull service - See the many beautiful pieces here!

Monday, October 22, 2018

It is no longer just for decoration!

It has become common to buy things that have a function. The decorative items should not just be for decoration and dust collection! They should also be put to use. This is also the case for the many beautiful dishes and ashtrays ...which they are no longer called by the way!!!
I Danish homes and shops like ours there are many truly beautiful dishes that are currently being brought forth in the many small homes.
For example it has become popular to serve fish in the wellknown Royal Copenhagen fish dishes. These dishes have been very popular for decoration, but today they are also used for serving crab salad, shrimps etc.  
Dishes for serving fish etc.
Dish with Crab for serving seafood, Royal Copenhagen no. 1022313, 16cm x 16cm
Before: 68.75 EUR
Now: 33.7 EUR
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Dish with Crayfish for serving seafood, Royal Copenhagen no. 1022314, 16cm
Before: 71.32 EUR
Now: 39.93 EUR
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Dish with Crab for serving seafood, Royal Copenhagen, 6cm x 24cm x 20cm
Before: 101.37 EUR
Now: 66.99 EUR
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Faience from Royal Copenhagen has become popular again

The colourful faience dishes from Royal Copenhagen are very decorative. They are perfect for serving and can also be used for keys and all the other stuff that falls out of your pockets, when you or your family come home. They can even be small artworks, if you put them in a plate rack
The demand for Royal Copenhagen faience dishes is comparatively good. There are many different types some more rare than others. See the many different types of Royal Copenhagen faience dishes here.
Royal Copenhagen dishes and bowls in Faience

Retro stoneware bowls are hot...

Below you will find a sample of the stoneware dishes and bowls in stock at the moment. Click here to see prices of the stoneware dishes and bowls.
Stoneware and Faience dishes and bowls

We have bought many porcelain dishes through the years

Some of the most common porcelain dishes are not very valuable at the moment others are rather rare. Below are some examples of both some of the cheap and expensive dishes.
Dish with Waterlily for serving seafood, Bing & Grondahl, Art Nouveau, 19cm x 19cm x 19cm
Before: 209.78 EUR
Now: 161.73 EUR
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Bowl with Waterlily for seafood, Bing & Grondahl - Art Nouveau, 20cm x 10cm
Before: 151.58 EUR
Now: 107.6 EUR
See more
Dish with the training ship Danmark, Bing & Grondahl no. 1024330, 19cm x 13cm
Price: 21.52 EUR
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Greenlander on bowl Bing & grondahl,
Price: 364.74 EUR
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Large dish with water lilies, Bing & Grondahl, 26cm
Before: 151.58 EUR
Now: 131.96 EUR
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Bowl with flowers, Bing & Grondahl, 25cm
Price: 378.82 EUR
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Dish with The Little Mermaid, Bing & grondahl no. 1300-6531, 13cm x 13cm
Price: 13.26 EUR
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Dish with Hans Christian Andersen, Bing & Grondahl, 12cm x 12cm
Price: 13.26 EUR
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Dish cockle shaped, Bing & Grondahl, 17cm
Before: 173.24 EUR
Now: 135.2 EUR
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United States Anniversary Bowl, E Pluribus Unum, 15cm x 34cm
Before: 541.36 EUR
Now: 399.25 EUR
See more
Royal Copenhagen Bowl with decoration, Hans Christian Andersen´s Fairytale ..., 5cm x 17cm
Before: 47.37 EUR
Now: 20.17 EUR
See more
Copenhagen Denmark Lyngby Dish with Sailing Ship, 15cm x 13cm
Price: 12.86 EUR
See more
Copenhagen Denmark Lyngby Dish with painter, 5cm x 22cm
Price: 30.86 EUR
See more
Bonbonniere with butterfly, Royal Copenhagen, 5cm x 9cm x 9cm
Price: 101.37 EUR
See more
Jardiniere Art Nouveau bowl. Royal Copenhagen, 12cm x 12cm x 24cm
Price: 310.61 EUR
See more
Bowl with Waterlily, Royal Copenhagen, 24cm
Before: 107.73 EUR
Now: 94.06 EUR
See more
Bowl with flower, Royal Copenhagen,
Before: 15.16 EUR
Now: 13.4 EUR
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Dish with Frog Royal Copenhagen, 3cm x 10cm
Before: 90 EUR
Now: 80.53 EUR
See more
Bowl with Bindweed, Royal Copenhagen, 18cm
Before: 29.91 EUR
Now: 20.17 EUR
See more
Bowl with Cocker Spaniel, Royal Copenhagen,
Price: 40.33 EUR
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Squirrel on dish Royal Copenhagen, 8cm x 13cm
Price: 118.42 EUR
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Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Dishes